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Stuff written by me:

- Mercenaries of Astonia 2 - tiny MMO (source code)
- Astonia 3 - small MMO (source code)
- Astonia 3.5 - small MMO (source code)
- Reversi for iOS
- Mills for iOS
- AddApptr Backend and iOS SDK


September 24th

After much nagging I've decided to release the Astonia 3.5 source code untested. It's up there to download now. Please let me know if it works, and what fixes it needs.

August 13th
Added license for Astonia 3.5. Working on getting the source code ready to be released, but it will be a while yet.

May 17th
Astonia 3 source code is available above. I am not sure if I'll be able to release v3.5 soon.

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