Astonia 3.5


Astonia 3.5 is a small MMO. It has all the stuff a fantasy role-playing game needs (character development with attributes, skills and spells, quests, equipment and monsters), and it can handle maybe 500 players online at once per shard. A realistic limit for the number of shards is around 50. With some investments into the database server hardware more is possible.

Astonia 3.5 is a branch of Astonia 3. It changed (for better or worse is hard to say) many aspects of the gameplay.

It was developed mostly by me for Intent Software. Intent Software has given me all rights to Astonia.


The software is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.

You are free to use it as you see fit, as long as you give proper credit. That is, add: "is based on the Astonia 3 engine by Daniel Brockhaus" and a link to to your game or your website.

If you make money with it, I ask that you donate 10% of the revenue to a charity of your choice.

If you make more than US$100.000 (one-hundred-thousand US dollars) a year with Astonia, then please contact me at daniel at brockhaus dot org to discuss a commercial license.

Existing Projects

Please email me at daniel (at) brockhaus (dot) org if you would like your site added to this list.

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The server needs Linux, MySQL development libraries and 32 bit gcc environment to compile. To run it needs a MySQL server on the same host.

The three files ending in .sql need to be imported into the MySQL server. The MySQL user root needs the password set to the one contained in the file MYSQLPASSWORD.

I haven't had time yet to re-create account and character creation logic.

Check the script "start" for an example on how to start the server. A multi-area server will need the chatserver running as well.

The server compiles fine. I have no idea if it will run, no time to test it.


You will need the free Borland C++ 5.5 command line tools (available below)

Also requires libpng and zlib, but both are part of the client source code package.

I haven't had time to test if the client will compile (or run). Sorry.


- Server source code and zones (full archive)
- Source code from Github (cleaned, some fixes)
- Client source code
- Borland C++ 5.5 command line tools
- PNG images from V3 used to create the PAK files
- Extra PNG images used to create the PAK files
- WAV sound files extracted from the PAK file


In order to allow other characters to login a god-character needs to release the area for the public via "#shutdown 0".