Mercenaries of Astonia 2


Mercenaries of Astonia 2 is a tiny MMO. It has all the stuff a fantasy role-playing game needs (character development with attributes, skills and spells, quests, equipment and monsters), and it can handle maybe 100 to 200 players online at once.

Mercenaries was my first real project. I started working on it when I began studying Computer Science. It was the basis for the later development of Astonia 3, mostly because it allowed me to learn how client/server games work (or do not work). It has a few design flaws which severely limit its uses, mostly in player numbers and map size.

Nonetheless, I still receive requests for the code and / or licenses to operate a public server, so here it is, free of charge.


Non-legalese version:

You may do whatever you want with this, provided you

a) give proper credit (eg. "is based on the Mercenaries of Astonia engine by Daniel Brockhaus" somewhere in your game / on your website).

b) do not make money with it.

c) do not pester me with questions.

Contact me at daniel at brockhaus dot org if you actually need a commercial license.



The server needs Linux and gcc to compile and run. Any current Linux distribution should do nicely.


You will need the free Borland C++ 5.5 command line tools (available below)

Also requires libpng and zlib, but both are part of the client source code package.


- Server source code
- Client source code
- Packed (ready to use) graphics files
- Single graphics files for editing / extending
- Sound files
- Borland C++ 5.5 command line tools

Have fun, good luck, and don't judge the quality of the code too harshly - it was my first real project...

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